1530/1600 SAT 76 GPA Help!

Hi, My question is how do I explain to colleges about my low GPA.

I have a 76 average which is mainly because I failed almost all my electives and easy classes over the past year and a half. My cumulative GPA dropped around 10-15 points over the past year. My transcript shows me doing great and bad in the same class. My family can't afford to put me in SAT prep like my other siblings so my scores really depended on myself. I took the SAT 3 times already, the first time I took it I got around 1700 or 1800/2400 on the old sat, the second time I took it I got a 1350/1600, finally I took it again this year and I got a 1530/1600. At the end of my eighth grade year up to now, my family had special financial circumstances which led to other problems that affected my high-school career. All I did during my high-school career was read books about finance, work a job secretly so I don't have to ask my mom for money, and play basketball(stress reliever). Most of my siblings before me went to a IVY league and I don't want to not be able to attend college.

Thanks in advance for answering my question!

The short answer is that you should use the "extra information" area on college applications to explain any extenuating circumstances. If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading our articles on what do with a low GPA but high SAT score and how to apply to colleges with a low GPA, which give in-depth information about this very situation. We also have a great article about the best colleges with low GPA requirements that you might find helpful.