2320 SAT on first try - Retake to try for a 2400?

I took the SAT as a junior and somehow got a 2320 on my first try. My classmates are telling me not to take it again since there's a good chance my score will drop instead, and my guidance counselor says that it doesn't matter either way because my score will still be in the same general range (99th percentile). On the other hand, my mom wants me to take it again because she's wanted me to get a 2350 or above ever since I was a freshman. And I kinda want to take it again because the questions I missed were either stupid mistakes or vocab problems.

Is it worth the $60 and 4 hours to take it again to try to get a 2400? I'm taking the ACT this spring, if that helps.

The difference between a 2320 and a 2400 is pretty small. As your guidance counselor said, most schools aren't going to accept or reject you on the basis of that score difference. And as your classmates said, there is a pretty high chance that you'd score lower on a retake. We have a handy tool right here that can help you figure out how much your chances of admission would change with an SAT score of 2320 vs a 2400. Even for the most competitive schools, it's not a huge difference, and you probably don't need to take the SAT again.

That said, if you're applying to a competitive college that superscores the SAT, it's possible that retaking the SAT could net you a higher superscore (although, as we discuss in this ExpertHub answer, it's unlikely that schools will superscore between the new and old SAT). But even then, the effort that you'd expend on getting those last 80 points could be better spent honing your personal statement.