3.0 GPA Junior - Ivy League Chances?

I'm a junior ending the year with a 3.0 gpa . Do I still have a chance at getting into Ivy League schools? I also just recently developed my spike and want to go for it more next school year.

I'm training now to be a lifeguard this summer. I have a handful of voluntary things that I love doing. I don't play sports, but I do want to try one out just for the fun and spirit of it.

It's unlikely (although still theoretically possible) you'll get into an Ivy League school with a 3.0 GPA. While most admissions offices don't have a hard "cut-off" point for anything (be it standardized test scores or GPA), a 3.0 is significantly below the average GPA of most high school students accepted to Ivy League colleges - UPenn has the lowest GPA out of all the Ivies at a 3.9/4.0.

That said, no school is going to base its admission decisions purely around GPA. My advice is to continue developing your spike and focus on achieving high standardized test scores to maximize your chances of acceptance at selective schools. You might find a lot of the advice in this answer also applies to your situation.