Advantage to Taking New SAT (Good Old SAT Score)?

If you've already gotten a great score on the old SAT, and you are in the class of 2017, is there any advantage to giving the new test a try in the Spring just to see if you are naturally better at it? If you did worse on the new test, would you have to share those scores with the colleges you apply to or can you share only the original, old SAT scores?

If you've already gotten a great score on the old SAT, then there's no need to take it again. If you're curious about the new test and have the time/money to spare, then it's fine to take the new SAT; however, if you do worse, you might run into issues with schools that require reporting of scores for all tests taken (particularly if your score on the updated SAT is significantly below that school's average student).

My recommendation would be to check the policies of the schools you're applying to and find out if any of them require all scores reported. If any of the schools does require all scores, and if you're satisfied with your great SAT score, then I'd say don't bother with the new SAT.