Bad Freshman Grades

I'm a freshman and I'm getting kind of stressed about my grades. The quarter's about to end I'm not happy with my grades. I'm doing fine in 3 classes.

  1. Information Technology: A+

  2. Honors History: A

  3. Spanish II: A

However, I'm extremely worried about the other 3:

  1. Honors English: B
  2. Honors Geometry: B+
  3. Honors Biology: C+

How much would these grades affect me when I apply to college?

Don't worry too much about your freshman grades, especially in the first quarter! Colleges care most about the last two years of your high school experience. Even more, they care about your improvement over time. If you get a little bit better next quarter, and then better the quarter after that, it'll look very good on your applications. Plus, grades aren't everything: extracurriculars and your application essays matter also.

The most important thing is that you continue to enjoy your high school experience. You're just starting out! As long as you continue to apply yourself, you'll be able to see improvement and get where you want to be.

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