Do I need a work resume for American Universities?

I’m working on applying to a few American Universities as a Freshman, and I was asked to write a job resume as a requirement for Salem State University. How do I do this considering the fact that I've never been employed or worked for anyone? Is this common for American Universities?

If you're asked to include a resume with your application, it doesn't mean that the school expects you to have an extensive employment history. Colleges know that most high school students don't have time to work unless it's on a very limited part-time basis. The job resume requirement may exist for the benefit of prospective students who are applying after they've already been out of college for a year or two. In this case, it's important for colleges to see some work history to verify that an applicant hasn't just been sitting around doing nothing since high school.

This "job resume" may just be where Salem State wants you to write about other things you've done in high school outside of purely academic pursuits. Were you involved in any volunteer activities or extracurricular groups? If you don't see another area on the application where you can list these activities, include them as a part of your resume. I'd recommend taking a look at our guide on how to write about extracurricular activities on college applications. Overall, I wouldn't be too concerned with this part of your application if your academic qualifications are solid and you're applying right out of high school. Employment history is not a requirement for acceptance at American universities. If you're still worried, you should contact the admissions office directly to ask them about their expectations.