High Homeschooled 7th Grade ACT Score - What to Do?

My 12 year old son just got these scores on his first ACT:

Composite: 26 English: 28 Math: 20 Reading: 31 Science: 26

We aren't doing accelerated work at home (he's still in pre-algebra and middle school English), and can't afford to do a talent search or special camp, which are the only suggestions I can find from searching online. We live in a state without a lot of regulation as far as what curriculum I cover, so I'm wondering if I should make some changes.

Based on these scores, should he skip a grade or do early college entrance? Or would it be smarter to hold off and graduate a normal age so that he can shoot for more scholarships and better school options? He has a great social outlet in athletics, so he's happy to do independent academic work on his own.

I would recommend against skipping a grade, at least at the moment. While entering college early can work well for some students, it also can be a challenge due to emotional and social maturity levels. As your son continues to learn more and mature, you can always reassess and discuss it with him.

Because your school doesn't have strict curriculum guidelines, it should be possible to cover more challenging content and advanced concepts without having to officially skip your son a grade. If you're concerned that you don't have the right level of knowledge to teach certain subjects at a more advanced level, online AP courses and online high school classes might offer a more affordable option than some of the talent search programs. In fact, one of the best-reviewed online AP providers is Pennsylvania Homeschoolers, which only allows homeschooled students to register.