How do I balance ACT prep and school work?

I am finding it very hard to balance my school work and studying for the ACT. It's the end of the year, so I have to study for finals and I have a lot of essays to write! There's barely any extra time to study for the ACT.

Do you have any tips for managing both?

This article, recently published on our blog, has a bunch of great tips and detailed guidance for balancing SAT/ACT study and schoolwork. Here's a quick bulletlist of some of the highlights:

  • Determine your target score, so you know what you're aiming for on the test
  • Figure out how much you need to study by establishing your baseline knowledge
  • Write out a realistic weekly schedule that includes all of your responsibilities
  • Make sure you make your plan doable and regularly evaluate it and readjust it as necessary
  • Share your plan with others so that you'll feel more motivated to stick to it
  • Set smaller goals that you can achieve and reward yourself when you achieve them
  • Leave time for fun and relaxation so that you don't burn out