How does registration for ACT standby testing work?

I need to register for ACT standby testing because I missed the late deadline for the next test date. How do I sign up? Will I have to pay any fees before I (hopefully) take the test?

You can sign up for standby testing through your online ACT account. All you have to do is select the appropriate test date within the standby request period. You can request standby testing up until about a week and a half before the test for most dates. Keep in mind that no special accommodations are available for standby testers, and you MUST bring a valid photo ID to the test center and upload an acceptable photo to your ACT account in order to be admitted.

Before you commit to registering for standby testing, make sure it's absolutely necessary. You should only do it if taking the ACT on the following date instead isn't an option due to application deadlines or other commitments. If you're still a ways off from college applications (first semester junior year or earlier), save your money and just take it a month or two later.

Provided you choose to go ahead with this, you will need to pay the regular ACT registration fee plus a $47 standby testing fee when you register. Don't worry; you'll get a full refund if you don't end up with a seat at the test center. Standby testers are admitted on a first-come-first serve basis, so try to get there early!