How to Improve New SAT Math Score in 5 Days?

I have my SAT exam in less than a week now. I really need to improve my Math score to 750, my current score is 680. How to do this is in 5 days?

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Without further information about what specifically you're struggling with in Math, we can't give a specific answer to your question; however, we do have a couple of great articles on our blog that might be helpful.

Our SAT tips for last minute-studying apply equally well to all the sections of the SAT (and ACT, for that matter), while "How to Cram for the SAT: 10 Day, 200-Point Prep Plan" sets out a 10 day study schedule that you can try to adapt to your specific situation. Finally, our Ultimate SAT Math Prep Guide includes links to a few dozen articles that cover everything from higher level strategies for the Math section to specific, content-focused articles that teach you the material.

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