Is it better to take AP Bio Junior year and AP Physics 1 Senior year --or the other way around?

I am considering this: should I take AP biology junior year and then AP Physics 1 senior year? Or the other way around? Side-note: I will be taking AP CALC BC senior year-- I heard that Physics + AP CALC in the same year will be difficult to handle... ?

So... which science class should I take junior year and which class should I take senior year?

Will this order affect my chances of getting accepted into Universities? Do colleges want to see my FULL Physics transcript? Can't I take it senior year without worrying about college apps?

The order of the classes won't affect your chances of being accepted to selective colleges. As long as you take them both at some point, you'll be fine. Traditionally, Biology is taken before Physics, so the default choice is to stick with that order. AP Calculus and AP Physics 1 at the same time doesn't have to be unmanageable; your experience will depend on your affinity for math and science, the amount of work that's assigned in these classes at your high school, and how heavy the rest of your course load happens to be. If you feel uncomfortable taking Calc and Physics 1 together based on what you've heard from other students, there's nothing wrong with switching up the order and taking AP Biology senior year instead. Physics 1 is algebra-based (unlike Physics C, which gets into some calculus), so you shouldn't have a problem taking it before you're introduced to calculus.