Is the sophomore year too early to be taking the SAT?


I plan to take my first SAT in the beginning of my sophomore year. I will be taking the NEW SAT 1600.
Do colleges have any preference to which high school year the SAT is taken? Will they think this is too early?

Colleges will not care when you take the SAT. If you think you can get it out of the way during your sophomore year, then that's great! Most students wait until junior year because that's when they're at the peak of their knowledge with regards to the material on the test. For example, some students don't take a geometry class until sophomore year. In that situation, it's better to wait until after they've thoroughly mastered the key concepts in class before subjecting themselves to the Math section of the SAT.

If you feel prepared for the SAT and aren't worried about your scores suffering for lack of content knowledge, then you should go for it. Be sure to take some practice tests beforehand so that you can see what your scores look like and how close you are to reaching your goal. I'd also recommend reading this article for more detailed advice on when to take the SAT.