Is there a Majory Difference between a 35 and a 36 on the ACT?

Other than the obvious answers that a 36 is perfect and a 35 is not and that less people get perfect scores than 35s in a given year, do colleges hold a 36 in a substantially higher regard when reviewing applications?

I'm asking because my section scores in the ACT yielded a composite of 35.25, which rounds down to a 35. Knowing how the ACT is scored, when you get to the 34-36 range your score on a section can change by a whole point based on just one question. It made me wonder if that was the literal difference between the score I have and a 36: one question. Do you think when colleges look at the section scores and see how close they were to totaling a 36 if they would consider that maybe if I was a bit luckier or just had a slightly better day then I would've gotten that "sacred" perfect score? Or do you think that with the amount of applications colleges deal with, they don't take the time to trivialize such small differences?