My school is forcing me to retake my ACT even though I scored a 31

I've been told that I have to retake the test because the county paid for it, even though I paid for it in the fall and I scored a 31. Do I have to take it ? What happens if I don't show up? I'm afraid (from what I am reading )that I may score lower the second time? What should I do? Can they force me?

As far as I knew, schools are not able to force you to retake the ACT. That's probably the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Could you tell me their exact (or nearly exact) stated reasons for this?
Also, while it's true some students have gotten a lower score on their second testing, most students end up raising theirs. Supposedly, the number is about 73% raise their score upon second testing.
Also, I'm not sure why they would say they paid for it if you did. That's very odd. What have your:
-Guidance Counselor
said about this? Let me know and I can try to help you figure this out! I am not a PrepScholar Agent, just another student, but I'll do my best to help!