Rolling Admissions and Scores

I am currently applying for the universities that offer rolling admissions. Can I submit my SAT scores after I have submitted my application? Will they look at them?

For most schools, your application is considered complete once all parts of your application have been sent in; this includes test scores. Therefore, unless you specifically request otherwise, it's going to be a toss-up as to whether or not your application gets looked at before your second set of scores get sent in or not.

Unfortunately, there is no one blanket policy that all schools follow. Some schools, like Rutgers, will consider SAT or ACT scores sent in after application due dates if a decision has not already been made on your application when the scores come in; other schools, like UMich, discourage students from sending in late scores after the deadline, but say nothing about scores sent in before the deadline but after your application has been completed.

If you're truly concerned about new SAT scores not being considered, you should hold off on applying until you know what set of test scores you're sending in; it'll cause you less stress and will get rid of any uncertainty about which scores the schools are considering.