SAT study guide with good answer explanations?

I scored pretty low on the PSAT because I always blank out on questions when I don't know the answer right away. I would like to find a study resource that walks through answer explanations clearly and shows me exactly how to apply my knowledge on the types of questions that the SAT asks. Which book(s) should I use?

Your best bet is to get the Official SAT Study Guide (Blue Book) and the SAT Black Book. The Blue Book has tons of official practice questions (10 full tests' worth) that will give you a realistic picture of what to expect on the exam. However, its answer explanations aren't all that great. That's why you should also get the Black Book, which doesn't have practice questions but does explain the answers to the hardest Blue Book questions in great detail. The Black Book also covers a bunch of other key strategies that will be really helpful to you as someone who is new to the test.