Should I retake my math class for a better grade?

Hi Prep scholar,

I tested out of math 3 this summer (equivalent to precalculus). I passed the test out but I got a B. I got an email from my principal asking if I would like to retake the class or have it put on my record and go to AP calc AB (I am a rising sophomore). I want to go to a top college but I am worried they would be able to see the B on my transcript if I decide to move on. I don't think I am going to learn much if I decide to take math 3. Any advice?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the clarification! I just copied what you said in your second post into this original question to make things simpler. It sounds like you're confident enough in your knowledge of the material covered in Math 3 to move onto AP Calculus AB next year. Don't take a year-long class that is going to be boring and repetitive for you just to avoid having a B on your transcript. One B won't ruin your chances of admission at selective colleges, especially a B that you earned while still an underclassman. Provided your grades continue on an upward trajectory over the course of the next two years, you shouldn't be concerned.