Should I take extra AP exams on top of the IB diploma?


my school only offers about 5 AP classes, because it's an IB-focused school. I'm going to do the IB diploma next year, but I was wondering if I should self-study and take extra AP exams--is this looked upon favorably by colleges? Because a lot of the seniors said they took extra APs (either doubling in their IB subject, by taking AP Chem after taking IB HL Chem, or in subjects not offered in our school by IB, like AP Psychology) because it's a big asset. My counselors say that that is a rumor. Is it? Do the selective colleges favor you more if you have more APs on top of the IB diploma (given that your grades and extracurriculars and everything else are excellent)?

Your counselors are correct. You won't have an advantage in the admissions process if you take AP exams on top of your IB assessments. If anything, it might make you seem a little too focused on standardized test scores. The only reasons you might do this are if you're applying to a college that awards credits for AP scores but not IB scores or if you're particularly interested in an AP subject that's not included in the IB curriculum. Otherwise, it's really not necessary or practical - your energy is better spent on improving your application in other ways.