Well rounded vs Spike

I read your article on how to get into Harvard and it was really helpful. I have a question about this whole well rounded vs spike thing I just completed my Sophomore year at high school. Here are a list of activities I have done so far. Can you please let me know if I am on the right track. I am into Math and Science.

9th grade- science bowl(states), mathfield(states), science olympiad( 3rd as a team at states, 3rd individually on a topic), Junior engineering technology science (5th as a team at states), keyclub

10th grade-State mathfield(qualified for nationals: ARML), ARML( placed 4 out of 13 alternate teams), science bowl(5th at regionals),Science Olympiad (4th as a team at states), Junior engineering Technology Science (3rd as a team at states: qualified for nationals) but were are not attending as a team because the coach feels we scored low compared to other places(which is true), keyclub

I am thinking about not doing Science Olympiad and Junior Engineering Technology Science my Junior and Senior year because I feel that the team members don't really put in their best effort to make us a powerful team. I am thinking about not doing these two things about focusing more on math olympiad and research(eventually to do science fairs). What do you think about this? Will this be a better route for me to take? Do I seem to have a good spike for top colleges, and will following on my plan make it even better?

Thank you for reading this long request and I look forward to your reply