What are good “stand out” electives for college admissions?

I’m going to be a sophomore next year, and I am planning on taking debate and mock trial as electives. Should I change one of them to have more variety?

What kind of electives make a student stand out for college applications?

If you're interested in both of those electives, you should go ahead and take them. You don't need to take a wide variety of electives if your passions are centered in one area. In fact, a more homogenous set of electives can make you look better to colleges by creating greater cohesiveness within your applications.

If, however, there is another elective that really interests you apart from the two you mention, you can certainly choose to drop one of them and take that instead. You won't do significant damage to your prospects either way. The electives you take in high school don't make much of a difference in your chances of college admission. Your best bet is to just choose classes that align with your interests and academic goals. Electives give you a chance to explore topics outside of the core curriculum, so they're one of the few aspects of high school academics where you have a significant amount of freedom. For more detailed advice on which electives you should take, check out this article!