What should I do to improve my college application?

Hi. I am international student in usa. I am 19 years old. I finished high school last year and came here. My school was best school in my state. My grades were all good, starting from 6th grade at school i participated computer programming olimpiad every year.. First time i took 3rd place at school between 8 th grade programming olimpiad when i was 6 grade, then every year particate prog. Olimpiad and took 3rd place (8 th grade, took 2nd place( 9th grade ), took 2nd place ( 10th grade), took 2nd place (11th grade) in my state. Most of My last 5,6 years spended preparing for olimpiad.

Free times i helped teachers with technical help( computer work, audio) when they had event. Every year school awarded me with thankfull letter. I was one of the top 10 student in our class, one of the top 30 students in our school.About my SAT score no good. Now i am preparing SAT. For SAT subject test planning prepare together with SAT and i will take november SAT date( because in october i am going to take my SAT,) .

At high school i loved computer programming. I still love. But I thought a lot and i found that i love help people, love bussines, love technlogy, love design. So i started official account about health in one of the social media web sites in my country. Now i am planning start open official account about bodybuilding( to help people, adult, teenagers to workout , and eat natural diet, because a lot teenager and adult men just using all chemical stuff, and my goal is let them know about natural diet and prevent them other chemical products).. Both health, bodybuilding accounts to help people not making money.

And especially i am planning open Official account about SAT, english, studing in USA, like my bussiness, like my spike. I work 20-25 hours a week, i go SAT prep 5 day a week, I prepare more than 40 hours a week for sat. I don't have free time to volunteer or community service. Free times i am trying to help my sister, brothers, and friends by online. I help giving advice, preparing for SAT, teaching english. What do you think about my spike. Should i volunteer or community service. What things should i do. I want to get into top 10 colleges in Usa with full scholarship.

It sounds like you're already working extremely hard in all areas of your life, so I don't think you need to add any more activities to your schedule. If your goal is to attend a top college in the US, your focus should be on improving your English skills. You're clearly an accomplished person overall, but your English is a bit hard to understand, which will be a big issue when applying to highly competitive American schools.

I'd recommend reading this article on how to apply to colleges in the US as an international student and integrating the advice into your preparations for college. If you haven't already, you should definitely think about taking the TOEFL. It may be helpful to look up what the minimum TOEFL score requirements are for the schools that you're interested in attending.

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