What to put for Kon-Tiki recommendation letter scholarship?

Hi, I need to fill out this application for the Kon-Tiki scholarship. See here But I have no idea what to write in the second part of page 2, where we need to have a doctor write a letter of recommendation. What exactly does a doctor have to write? My school nurse told me to just say that I have no allergies or health problems. What else can I write other than that? Thanks

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Usually scholarships don't have doctor's recommendations. My best guess is that they just want to ensure you are healthy. Potentially have a note mentioning:

  • You are free from disease.
  • You have all your vaccines.
  • You are physically fit to attend the program.

Note that we are PrepScholar and we are not affiliated with the program; the above is just what we guess with common sense, not an official answer.

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