What's the average ACT score for Wharton?

What's the average ACT score for WHARTON undergrad at UPenn?

I was unable to find statistics specific to Wharton, but the average ACT score for incoming freshmen at UPENN is between a 32 and a 35. Scores for students admitted to Wharton should be roughly within the same range. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that math skills are particularly important when applying to a business school. On the admissions website, it states that Wharton is looking for students who show:

An interest in business to fuel positive change to advance the world's economic and social well-being
Demonstrated leadership
A strong preparation in mathematics, particularly calculus

With this in mind, I would suggest focusing on the ACT Math section in particular. Admissions officers for Wharton may look more closely at students' math scores because the school places such a high value on these types of skills. Ideally, aim for a 34 on the test as a whole and a 35-36 on the math section.