When do colleges get ACT scores if you use the free reports?

If you choose send any or all of the four free ACT score reports that come with registration, how long after the test date will it take for colleges to get your scores?

If you decide to use the free score reports, they are sent out as soon as your test has been scored. It typically takes two weeks for the multiple choice portion to be scored and two more weeks for the Writing portion to be scored. Colleges receive scores electronically on different timelines, but it's always at least once every two weeks. One week is a good estimate for how long it will take for scores to reach colleges after they are sent by the ACT.

This means that if you took the ACT with Writing and ordered score reports during registration, you can expect colleges to receive your scores within about 5 weeks of the test date. If you took the test without the Writing section, the scores should reach colleges within 3 weeks of the test date.