When is the content for the Biology SAT subject test covered?

I am a high school freshman planning on applying for entrance into top universities like at Harvard and Yale. To do this, I am required to take 2 SAT subjects. I have decided that one of them will be the SAT Biology Subject Test. I'm not sure when the content for this test will be covered in high school so that I can adequately plan my time. For anyone that has already taken the test, when did you take your test and if you took it at the same time as your Biology course in high school, when was the content for the test covered? Any feedback will be well appreciated!

The best time to take the Biology Subject Test is right after you take a year-long biology class. For most students, that means the spring of your Sophomore or Junior year. If you take the Subject Test in the spring when you're already reviewing for your final, you may already be prepared without doing any extra studying. The content for this test (both E and M versions) will be covered throughout the year in any introductory biology class.

I actually wrote a full study guide for the SAT Subject Test in Biology, so I'd encourage you to check that out to see what the questions look like, when the test is offered (you can actually sign up to take it on any regular SAT test date), and how the content is distributed. The topic areas include cellular and molecular biology, ecology, genetics, organismal biology, and evolution and diversity.