Which SAT math prep book should i buy?

hi, I currently am scoring in the 1200 range but i guessed on over half the questions. I just started studying with the blue book, planning on buying erica meltzer's reading book. what book should i buy for the math?

For a list of the best review books for the Math section of the new SAT, I'd recommend consulting this article. Pros and cons of each book are explained thoroughly so that you can make a more informed decision about which one is best for you.

The first book we recommend on the blog is Steve Warner's SAT Math book, which has been newly adapted for the latest version of the test. As a relatively high scorer, you also might consider Dr. Chung's SAT Math book or a book called The 150 Hardest SAT Math Problems Reincarnated for the New SAT.

I'd suggest that you take a detailed survey of your mistakes on the practice test before using one of these review books. You should aim to direct your studying strategically towards the topics and question types that are most difficult for you.