Will Lower Old SAT Scores Outweigh a Higher New SAT Score?


I've studied with Prepscholar for the old SAT, and now I'm studying with it for the new program. I find that the new SAT is easier for me to do and so far I've been doing much better with that test. I've taken three old SAT's and I've gotten 1930, 1940 and 2070 on those. But I'm confident my score will be substantially more impressive on the new version of the test. My question is that when I'm applying to schools that have an all scores policy and I've gotten a better score on the New SAT, will those 3 old, similar, lower scores affect my SAT standing (especially at selective to very selective schools) even if they show an upward trend?

Your lower old SAT scores won't affect you negatively if you perform better on the new SAT. As you mention, your scores demonstrate a strong upward trend already. If that trend continues for a significantly higher score on the new test, colleges will simply assume that you've been doing a good job preparing. Your new SAT scores will be considered just as valid as your old scores as a measure of your abilities.

The only thing I would keep in mind is that most colleges won't superscore between the two versions of the test even if superscoring is their default policy. That means that your new SAT score, while just as valid as your old scores, will stand on its own. For example, schools won't combine a new SAT Math score with an old SAT Reading score to come up with a higher superscore. It sounds like you're performing better in all areas on the new test, so I doubt this will be an issue for you.