1450+ on the SAT with 1200 PSAT score?

I took the new PSAT this fall as a sophomore, and I got a 1200. I'm a little disappointed because I'm hoping for a 1450 or higher on the new version of the SAT, and I'm worried it's going to be tough to improve that much. Is 1450 a realistic goal? How does my PSAT score translate to an SAT score? I'll probably take my first SAT this upcoming fall.

Your PSAT score indicates that you're in the 80 to 90th percentile of students on the test. Based on this, 1450 is a realistic goal, especially considering the fact that you're only a sophomore. By the time you take the SAT, your knowledge base will have grown. Compounded with extra prep efforts, this means that you're very likely to get a higher score.

A 1200 on the PSAT translates to around a 1300-1350 on the new SAT (that's WITHOUT any prep or increased knowledge). For a 100-150 point increase in your scores, you should plan on studying for around 60 hours total. You have plenty of time to distribute your studying throughout the rest of this year and the summer before you take the SAT.

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