1450 SAT Score - Good Enough for Harvard?

I got 1450 SAT score and have 4.0 gpa. Is this good enough to even stand a shot for highly selective colleges? Upenn, Harvard, etc... I don't do any extracurricular activities but I have a job at a grocery store. Big disadvantage?

While there is no score cut-off for highly selective colleges, a 1450 will definitely put you at a disadvantage. The 25th percentile SAT score for both Harvard and UPenn is a 1470/1600, which means that fewer than 25% of students accepted to these schools have below a 1470. Our article on SAT scores for Ivy League Plus schools has more specific information on the scores to aim for, but if you are interested in highly selective schools, I'd recommend re-taking the SAT and aiming for at least a 1530.

Lack of extracurriculars might also be an issue, although your job does count as an extracurricular activity (since strictly speaking it's not done for school). If you haven't already, I'd recommend you reading our article on how to get into Harvard and the Ivy League and using that advice as well.