2110 SAT Good for Berkeley?

I'm planning on applying to Berkeley for engineering. I just took the SAT, and I got a composite score of 2110 (my score breakdown was 690 on Writing, 730 on Math, and 690 on Critical Reading). Are my scores high enough to give me a chance of acceptance?

Your score is slightly above average for admitted students at UC Berkeley (the average SAT score is 2055), so you will have a decent chance of acceptance if the rest of your application is equally impressive. If you do choose to retake the test, you should aim for a 2250 as your new score goal. This is a higher score than 75 percent of admitted students, so it will greatly improve your chances. As a future engineering student, it would be a good idea to focus on improving your Math score so it's closer to an 800.

Source: http://www.prepscholar.com/sat/s/colleges/UC-Berkeley-admission-requirements