ACT superscore decision

I am applying to some universities such as UChicago, UPenn and Columbia U. I need some advice pertaining to how to report my ACT scores.

I took the ACT three times.

First time E- 34 M- 36 R- 33 S- 34 Composite 34.25 which rounds to 34

Second time E- 36 M- 33 R- 15 S- 27 Composite 27.75 which rounds to 28 (I really screwed up the second time because during the test I knew I had messed up the math section so I couldn't focus in all the following sections, especially reading)

Third time E- 28 M- 36 R- 34 S- 36 Composite 33.50 which rounds to 34

Superscore 1st and 3rd test E- 34 M- 36 R- 34 S- 36 Composite 35.00

Superscore all tests E- 36 M- 36 R- 34 S- 36 Composite 35.50 which rounds to 36

The question now is:

Should I send all scores for a 36 superscore, but risk being negatively affected my 15 in the reading section of the second test


Should I only send the scores from only the first and third test for a 35 superscore.


If you can be sure the colleges absolutely don't look at the raw scores at all, clearly it's better to send all three. However, given that colleges often do look at the raw scores, I would send in two because: - the difference between 36 and 35 is small, - sending two tests in seems normal but three may seem obsessive / gamey - The 15 does look weird.