Answer explanation for difficult SAT Writing question?

I don't really understand the reasoning behind the answer to this question:

Born of Ibuza parents in Nigeria, novelist Buchi Emecheta moved to England in 1962, since which she has lived in North London.

A) Same as above
B)1962 and has lived since then in North London.
C)1962, since then she has lived in North London.
D)1962 and lived since then in North London.
E)1962, and living in North London since that time.

I chose D, but the answer is B. Why?

The answer is B because the verb form in choice B ("has lived") indicates the present perfect tense, whereas the verb in choice D ("lived") indicates the past tense. Put simply, B is the correct choice over D because Buchi Emecheta is still living in North London. It's important to notice that the word "since" is consistent throughout all the answer choices. This means that the correct form of the sentence must have a verb in the perfect tense ("has/had verbed"); the word "since" is only used with these types of verbs.