AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC?

I'm currently a sophomore in Pre-Calculus Honors with a 98-99 average. Math comes (relatively) easy for me, but my heart truly lies in the natural sciences.

If I'm planning on majoring in Biology when I get to college, should I take AP Calculus AB or BC as a junior? (At my school, you can't take both.) I know AB covers the 1st semester of college calculus, and BC covers both semesters.

Since I'm probably majoring in Biology, is it necessary to do BC, or would AB be enough to give me a strong foundation in college calculus - or possibly even let me skip it?

If you can handle BC, taking BC will look better. However, if you feel like you're going to a say rank 50ish college, and you know your strong suit will NOT be math at college, AB is great as well.

I would definitely do AB if you think you'll get a B flat or lower in BC calc (or a 3 or lower).