Application for graduate studies abroad with a low gpa


I have a cgpa of 2.48 from a recognized university in Nigeria and want to apply for a graduate study program in Canada. The application requirements states that I have a 3.3 or B equivalent to the last two years of my transcript and my last two years were pretty good. What are my chances of getting accepted for the graduate program. Thanks.

It depends on what your GPA was for the last two years. Was it at least a 3.3? If not, you may need to look for a less competitive program. Your chances of getting in are probably low unless you had personal issues that damaged your grades in undergrad or the Nigerian university had a much harsher system for calculating GPA. I'd recommend calling the admissions office for the Canadian university that you're interested in to see if the 3.3 cutoff is non-negotiable. Sometimes, schools accept candidates with lower GPAs if they're well-qualified in other ways.