Are Khan Academy practice tests accurate?

Hi, I recently took one of the full length practice tests on Khan Academy, and I received a score of 1510 out of 1600. As this is my first practice test, I was wondering if this is an accurate reflection of my ability to score on the actual test, and if the Khan Academy practice tests are very similar to the college board tests. Also, is this considered a good score after about 3 days of revising for SAT? As I'm an overseas student, I don't have an accurate gauge of my ability

The Khan Academy practice tests are identical to the CollegeBoard practice tests, with the exception of the essay sections (the tests on Khan Academy have some different essay prompts than the tests on

Whether or not your score on the Khan Academy test is similar to how you'd do on the actual test, however, depends on how close to the real SAT your practice test experience was. Our article on how to make sure you're taking the most realistic practice test has more detailed information, but if you took a timed practice test on paper all the way through (except for the breaks you're allowed on the real test), then it's likely that your score is reflective of how you'd do on the real SAT.

Whether or not your score is a good score depends on what your target schools are. A 1510/1600 is a great starting point because it means you're scoring better than 98% of students who take the SAT, but if you're applying to selective colleges as an international student, you may want to aim even higher to make sure any variation between tests doesn't drop you below a 1500.

Finally, if you're going to continue to use Khan Academy for practice, I highly recommend reading our article on how to get the most out of it. It'll go over some of the ways Khan Academy isn't like the real SAT and how you can take steps to make sure you account for that in your studying.