Are my SAT score and GPA good for college?

Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school with about a 3.82 GPA (with honors) and a 1990 practice SAT score based on tests I've taken in prep courses. Assuming I keep up my grades for the next two years and score in this range when I take the real test, how good are these credentials for college?

Both your SAT score and GPA are well above average, so you'll be in great shape for college if you maintain your grades through junior and senior year. You should have solid chances of admission at most moderately to highly selective schools.

We actually have database pages for various GPAs and SAT scores that will show you which schools you should aim for based on your stats. Here are the pages for a 3.8 GPA and for a 2000 SAT score. Some examples of schools that fit your credentials are New York University, Boston University, Villanova University, and UC Santa Barbara. If you improve your SAT scores and grades over the course of the next year, you may find yourself in a good position to apply to even more competitive top tier schools!