Are SAT Subject Test scores automatically reported?

My son took the Math-II SAT Subject Test, but he feels the score might not be a good as he wanted. We are not sure how the score is submitted to colleges, and I’m worried that it may be an automatic part of his report. This is what we've heard, can you please confirm if it's true?

No, your subject test scores are not automatically all included in the score report the SAT sends. Individual schools make require test scores sent for all SAT Subject Tests taken, but if the school does not require this, you can choose which scores to send with each score report. This is true even if you're planning on using one of the free score reports you get when you take the next SAT Subject test (as long as you have an online College Board account).

For more information on sending out SAT subject test scores, I highly recommend reading our article on how to send SAT Subject Test scores for a detailed description (with pictures!) of the process to follow.