Are there ACT/SAT scholarships for international students?

Are there scholarships available to international students based on SAT and ACT scores? I can only find information on scholarships that are limited to U.S. citizens.

Yes, there are some SAT- and ACT-based scholarships that are available to international students. Some of the schools listed in this article (including Baylor and Colorado State University) do not limit their scholarships to domestic (United States) students.

To be absolutely certain that you're eligible for the scholarships, though, you'll probably want to contact the individual schools before you apply and ask, providing information about your individual circumstances. For instance, you might contact the Baylor Office of Admissions and say something like the following:

Hi, I'm a Russian high school student hoping to apply for a Triple Crown Award at Colorado State University. I have SAT scores of 800/700/790 on the old SAT, and a high school GPA of 3.9. Your scholarship estimator says that I would probably qualify for a $10,000-per-year scholarship as a non-resident student; is this true for international as well as non-resident United States students? Thanks.