Average 10th grade student - How do I create better study habits?

I’m a pretty average tenth grade student with GPA of 3.2, but I know that I can do much better than this. I’ve been reading your blogs, and hope that you can give me some good advice.

The truth is that I don’t work hard at all. My biggest issue is not being able to focus while I’m studying. I’d much rather be playing video games or doing something else, so that’s what I do.

I know that I’m capable of having a GPA as high as a 3.7, and PrepScholar has really inspired me to do try harder. I would appreciate any helpful tips on how to develop positive working habits and any other ideas you have in mind for me to reach my goal.

It sounds like you need to put yourself in a situation where you don't have the option of abandoning your studying for other activities. Here are some ideas:

Try studying in a library or quiet coffeeshop so that you don't have access to video games or other distractions that might come up at home.

Map out specific hours for studying with short breaks built in (1 hour studying, 15 minutes break time). You can even set a timer if that helps. If you know that your studying has a definite end point, you'll be more likely to push through it.

When you need to study at home, designate a certain space as an official study area that you can't leave until your allotted time is up.

If you get distracted by the internet but need to use your computer, install an app like StayFocusd or SelfControl that you can program to block certain sites.

Those are just a few tips that I think apply to your specific situation. I'd also recommend reading my guide on how to get good grades in high school for more wide-ranging advice!