Best SAT Math Prep programs for a student with anxiety?

My daughter has been independently studying for the SAT since the summer, but she has an anxiety disorder which affects her understanding of Math and Science. Would a program like PrepScholar help her? What other type of prep would you recommend she use?

We’re not looking for a perfect score. We would be happy with a score in the 1000 - 1200 range.

PrepScholar will help you improve on the SAT as it does with other students, and we have videos specifically designed around anxiety.

I think if anxiety is an issue, you should also consider tutoring with PrepScholarTutors.Com because having a human element is important, and sometimes conversational reassurance is the best way to address that.

I believe generally tutoring is a good solution when the tutor is not too intense. You may also see if medical treatment of underlying physiological issues may be appropriate.