Can Colleges that Superscore SAT See Lower Section Scores?

If a college superscores the SAT, do they see all parts of the score reports that you send them, or do they only see the highest scores for each section?

Colleges that superscore will see all parts of each score report that you choose to send, including lower section scores. Since your official score is a combination of your highest section scores, this shouldn’t have a negative effect on your chances unless there are extreme variations from one test to the next. Don’t worry too much about getting the exact same scores on sections you already aced.

Note that most colleges that ordinarily practice superscoring will NOT superscore between the old and new SAT. That means if you submit a score from each test, the two composite scores will be considered totally separately. However, if you submit several scores from the new SAT in the future, the original superscoring policy should remain in place.