Can I get Work Study if I already have a job?

I applied for the federal work study program for the next school year (2016-2017) after filing my taxes/fafsa this year. I'm reading the FAQ online and it says that its a "need based" program. Right now I have a job, but I'll be leaving it in June due to long travel times (1 hour there, 2 hours back). Will having a job affect my chances of being considered for work study? I've emailed the person in charge of the work study program, but she is apparently notorious for being late to responding. Can I get FWS or should I look into other financial options?

Your job may negatively affect your chances of being considered for work study. You're correct that the program is need-based, and the FAFSA will paint an inaccurate picture of your financial need (indicating that you're still bringing in money from your current job). I'd recommend contacting your college's financial aid office and telling them about the impending changes to your financial situation. According to this Q&A about the FAFSA:

"The college financial aid administrator has the authority to switch your FAFSA from last year’s income to an estimate of this year’s income."

Try to get your college to make these changes so that you'll get work study opportunities that are commiserate with your future lower income.

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