Can I register for the SAT as homeschooled, even though I'm not?

I'm planning on taking the SAT, but I'm not in high school yet. My mom says that I can just mark that I'm home schooled since I study vocabulary at home. Is that okay, or will I get in trouble?

Don't sign up as a homeschooled student! There are specific rules for younger students who register for the SAT, and you need to follow the guidelines to ensure that your scores remain valid.

If you're 13 or older, when the online registration form asks for your grade level you should choose "not yet in high school" and proceed normally. The only difference is that students who are in eighth grade or lower are not asked to upload a photo of themselves during registration for security reasons. You should simply plan on bringing some form of photo ID on test day.

If you're 12 or younger, you will have to register by mail for the test rather than online because of internet privacy laws. This page will give you instructions on how to do that if this rule applies to you.

Another thing you should be aware of is that if you test as an eighth grader or below, your test scores will be removed from your file at the end of the academic year in which you took the SAT. That means that if you want your scores to go on your permanent record and not be erased, you have to send a request to the College Board by the end of June of that school year. You can scroll down to the bottom of this page for more details on where to send your request and what you'll need to include.

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