Can I report SAT II scores without reporting SAT I scores?

I got a better score on the ACT than the SAT, so I was planning on just sending my ACT scores to colleges. I'm applying to schools that ask you to send all scores from either the SAT I/SAT II, the ACT, or both tests. My problem is that I did very well on my SAT subject tests, so I'd like colleges to see those in addition to my ACT scores. Can I send the ACT and my SAT subject test scores but leave out my regular SAT scores? Or do I have to send the regular SAT too if I want to include the subject tests?

My general advice is that if you want to send your subject test scores, you should send your regular SAT scores as well. They won't hurt your chances unless they're much lower than your ACT scores and below the school's average range for admitted students. It's best to be as transparent as possible in this situation.

If you're still concerned about your SAT scores making you look bad, you should contact the admissions office for the school(s) that interest you and ask them if it's acceptable to send just ACT and subject test scores. Colleges may have different policies on whether or not this is acceptable. You can also ask whether they will ignore the lower of the two scores if you do send both the SAT and the ACT.