Can I still get financial aid?

So here's the deal, my fafsa and css profile are done already and being sent to colleges, but I now remember leaving the "applying for financial aid" box unchecked on many colleges in my Common App list. I understand it's mid-February already and this could be really problematic. Do I still have time to email the admissions offices and say that I'm applying for financial aid? Would this negatively affect me? Something that factors into my need for financial aid at the moment is my parents' divorce. Do you think they would forgive something like this because of that?

The fact that you left the box unchecked on the Common App just means that these colleges won't be looking for a FAFSA from you to complete your application. I'd recommend contacting the admissions offices as soon as possible to notify them that your circumstances have changed, and you will be applying for financial aid. It's early enough that they should be able to change your status. As long as you submit the FAFSA and CSS profile on time, you won't be penalized for your error in filling out the Common App.