Can I take an AP test if my school doesn’t offer the course?

I want to take a few AP tests to boost my college applications, but my high school doesn’t offer any AP courses. What is the process for registering for an AP test independently, and how should I self study for the test?

Yes, you can still take AP tests even if your school doesn't offer the courses. To register for a test independently, you'll need to contact AP Services. Here's the info:

Phone (domestic): 888-225-5427
Phone (international): 212-632-1780

AP Services will be able to direct you towards local "AP Coordinators," or people who are in charge of AP programs at other schools. You'll be put in touch with AP Coordinators at schools that are willing to test students from other schools. You must get in touch with AP Services by March 1st of the year you're taking the test(s) and make specific arrangements to take the test(s) with a local AP Coordinator by March 15th.

As for your second question, I'd first recommend getting some in-depth review books that thoroughly cover all the material for the exams you're interested in taking. You should study throughout the year, not just in the couple of months leading up to the test.It's best to create a study schedule starting at the beginning of the school year so you can learn the material gradually. Make sure you take plenty of full practice tests before the exam so you know exactly what you're getting into.

You also say you're hoping to take multiple AP tests, which could be tough on top of all your other school work. Be aware that studying will take up a significant portion of your time and energy if you want to do well. Self-studying several AP classes while taking a full course load may be too much stress. I'd recommend reading this guide to self-studying APs to get a better idea of what it takes and whether it's the right choice for you.