Can PrepScholar be used to study for the PSAT?

My son, 2018 grad, is taking the PSAT in October 2016. His entire class took the PSAT 10 in October 2015, where he scored just under 1200. There was no prep or discussion. They just walked in and took it. He left several questions blank due primarily to time constraint, and he had a lower score in math, which is actually his strong suit. This could be due to math he hasn't yet learned through Algebra 2, in which he was enrolled at the time.

He is a top student, learns easily, works hard at school, always all As. He will be pursuing an IB diploma starting next year, along with two sports and music, so his time will be scarce. He would like to earn a top score on the PSAT in hopes of NM qualification. We don't have confidence that he is a candidate for total self-book-study for the PSAT, SAT or ACT as he tends to procrastinate without clear goals, so PrepScholar sounds like a good option to give him a program to complete.

So, 1) do you feel PrepScholar SAT is appropriate or recommended for PSAT study as opposed to SAT (I see very little discussion anywhere of students studying for the PSAT); 2) since he doesn't take the test until Oct. 15, should he wait to enroll in the program until closer to test date (our concern is that once school starts in mid August, he will have much less time than he does this summer); 3) if he does PrepScholar for PSAT, then what would you recommend for SAT and/or ACT study thereafter. I'm not sure he wouldn't be bored taking the program again, but I also suspect he will need a refresher. Is the PrepScholar program timed in terms of its use, or could it be reset and used again to study for a subsequent test? Thanks.

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