Can schools see deleted ACT scores?

I just took the ACT and I don’t feel like I did well on the writing and math sections. I was told that I can delete scores after I’ve seen them, but I’m unsure of what that means for schools like Stanford that require all ACT scores.

If I don’t want certain schools to see this score, will deleting it be sufficient, or should I just cancel it now before the test is graded?

If you delete your ACT scores, no school will ever see them (including schools like Stanford that ask you to send all scores). I'd advise you to wait until scores come out to make a decision. Then you can delete your scores if you think they'll only hurt you on college applications. You never know if you'll end up scoring better on an individual subsection and improving your superscore. You should avoid blindly cancelling your scores unless there were extreme extenuating circumstances that caused you to perform far below your usual level. For more info on deleting ACT scores, check out this article.