Can you give advice to a veteran who wants to attend college?

I am getting out of the army in a few months and will have all my schooling paid for in full via the GI bill. I want to get a degree in something that will help me start a career in the IT field, something like Networking Administrator.

Are online schools looked down at? If I go to ITT Tech or some school like that are my chances lowered at getting a job?

I would much rather take all my classes online and never have to step foot in a college, but if that's my best bet then I will do it.

Most employers will have no problem hiring you if you have an online degree from a reputable institution. You can read more detailed advice here, but I would recommend choosing a school that has a residential campus near you and is regionally accredited.

The type of degree you describe is actually often earned through online classes (and afterwards leads to a strong career). US News ranks "Computer Systems Analyst" as one of the six best jobs you can get through an online degree program.