Can you help a Junior pick classes for next year?

I'm currently a Junior at a high school in California, and recently the class applications have come out. I don't know which ones will help my admission chances for colleges next year.

I plan to apply to UCB, UCSB, and UCLA for Computer Science or Math/Statistics.

So far, I know I'm going to take AP Calculus BC, AP English Literature, AP Government/Econ, and AP Computer Science and I have space for one more class.The question is that I don't know which class to take to help my admission to those majors next year. The main choices that I am considering are AP Environmental Science, AP Physics C, AP Physics 1, AP Statistics, or Business math.

Right now I'm leaning a bit towards the Physics in case I ever want to do anything sciency or engineering based. But I don't know for sure.

Which class would you recommend for me to take?

Of the courses you've listed, AP Physics C is probably the one that will have the most positive affect on your admissions chances. It is probably the most challenging course out of all the ones you've listed, so an A in AP Physics C will be a lot more impressive than an A in AP Environmental Science, for example.

If you weren't at all interested in taking physics, or weren't taking calculus at the same time, I'd probably recommend AP Stats or AP Environmental; since you are thinking about doing something science- or engineering-related, however, definitely go with AP Physics C.